Importance Of Local SEO For Small Business Marketing

Local SEO for small businesses is a must-have marketing tool to position a website in a city and surrounding areas. Using your geographical area as a reference is essential to capture the attention of people who may be or become potential customers. Google and other search engine companies, for example, Bing and Yahoo do not offer the same results in all regions but attempt to tailor their searches to the user to provide better service. A positioning technique at geographical level is often referred to as local.

The local SEO has experienced exponential growth in recent times. More, if possible, since smartphones became a benchmark of web traffic.

Although the techniques of territorial positioning follow the basic rules of global positioning, businesses that want to stand out in a geographic area provincial or regional should follow some more specific advice. In fact, you better not ever skip any of the important points mentioned by your local SEO expert.

Smartphone searches favors local businesses

As mentioned earlier, the growth of smartphone played a crucial role in the importance of local SEO. Mobile phones are easier to use than personal computers, so people have more time using their phones than facing their desktops or laptops. Another obvious advantage of the mobile phone is users always bring those devices with them. So, if a couple wants to eat Asian food, they will just search on their smartphone for Asian restaurants around them. You may have also noticed that Google gives results of Asian restaurants around the user even without indicating the location.

Search engines strive to provide the exact location of the place that offers the services you need at that moment. They even provide direction on how to go about a certain business. The mobile version provides the additional option of direct a call access, directions, and website. Assistance from your local SEO expert will help you take advantage of these features.

According to the latest study regarding Google users from a smartphone, 95% of users perform local searches. Of those who request information from a business, 88% end up buying less than 24 hours.

Need more reasons to highlight local search engine optimization?

Google has been improving local search engine results in smartphones. The company"s smartphone intelligent personal assistant called Google Now will base on your location to give you different information. It will provide you with updated local data like weather, traffic, entertainment, etc. and one of those cards are nearby. They usually appear in order of proximity, ratings, and other aspects.

It may seem that Google search engine results favor local companies, it has something to do with improving user"s experience. Most users will be more happy with a result showing a local shoe shop than to show a popular nationwide show store.

Google also provided free tools that will otherwise cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Such tools help small business improve their visibility online and compete with bigger business. Such tools include Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc. These tools will make search engine optimization easier than before. With the current trend, it will no longer be a surprise if Google"s next algorithm will focus more on local search results.

Competition will get tougher

With these data available to all new and experienced entrepreneurs, add to that, SEO tools are more accessible and affordable, more local businesses will jump into the trend. With the increased competition, it will be more difficult than before to improve your ranking if you haven"t started optimizing your website. Millions of new websites come out every year. It just proves that more businesses decided to bring their business online since they have realized that consumers are there. Gone are the days that all you have to do is register your business in your local phone directory and wait for people who need your service call you. The internet is now the new telephone directory of old and one of the best marketing tool. If your business is not there, you will be left out.

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Guidelines For Choosing An SEO Company

In today’s digital age, your company’s website plays a vital role in the success of your business. That is why it is necessary that it can be easily found by your potential customers when they search on the internet for your services or products. That’s where an SEO company comes into play. When it comes to selecting a reliable company or agency to manage the natural positioning (SEO) of your business website, there is a right and wrong way in the hiring process. This article will offer you a short guide to what the major issues that must be taken into account when choosing the services of an SEO company to optimize your website.

If the SEO is important to your business, choosing the company you are going to hire to develop your SEO strategy will be a crucial factor whether results will be obtained or not.

There are some mistakes that companies make when selecting the agency or business that develops them their SEO.


Use Google as a filter

It is a simplistic thinking that a good SEO company is good or bad according to its position in Google. For example, if you are looking for the best SEO company in Florida, you just have to ask Google “best SEO Florida" and undoubtedly the number one will appear at the top. Unfortunately, this is not real. Most good companies do not need to be classified in this ranking.

Many of the businesses that are categorized into Google with “the best SEO"s name of the city or the best SEO over a region" are not the best. They are, in fact, companies that simply don’t have enough projects and are focusing all their energy on being the best rank in Google page to try to get new customers. Therefore a digital marketing company that has experience of positioning its clients is the best choice.

There are Jacksonville SEO experts in Florida that will deliver your company goals every month. They also support medium, small and large enterprises, which show that their strategy of positioning website is ideal for all business size and with it will find measurable and quantifiable results.

Relying on lists of “best."

Another common mistake is relying on a list of top ten or top five companies in a particular industry. Many people seek “best SEO" or “SEO best consultants."  Do not rely on these types of lists because most of these lists are advertising. It is better to get reviews from consumer report websites. However, you should still take everything with a grain of salt.

You can simply search “Jacksonville SEO marketing" to get more neutral results.

There is no “secret."

Mistake number three is to believe that there is some secret that only a few agencies have to develop a good SEO. If you ask: “How do optimize our search engine results?" And the company reply, “Sorry, I cannot say it"s a secret formula." This answer is a very, very bad sign. Although no business will reveal its trade secret, the company should at least provide general information on how the process works. Jacksonville SEO companies are transparent with their actions that they perform.

Recommendations for choosing a good SEO firm:

Make a list of goals

Figure out the needs and goals of your company. Write your expectations for hiring an SEO company such as: “I want to do SEO because I want to get many people to be interested in my product.” Determine why you need traffic with specific groups. Provide detailed and concrete goals as much as possible so that you can measure or quantify the results. You will see if you are meeting, exceeding or failing to meet your goals.

Select the agency or company based on your objectives.

Meet with the company’s representatives and ask: “What process will be used to achieve our goals and why you use these processes in particular?” “What metrics will be utilized for reporting the results?” “What do you need to provide them?”

Ask for the price and structure of the contract.

Good SEO agencies or companies have a contract structure every month and have a certain period to meet stipulated targets. It is ideal to make an initial payment and then a monthly fee.

Check this article about an interesting marketing idea from a Japanese tissue advertising.

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Restaurant Marketing: Untraditional Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Your main goal is to make sure that your customers has a high-quality meal and leave to share their experience with their family and friends. Make sure to have time in developing an effective marketing strategy for your restaurant. There are a lot of marketing strategies that can help you save time and effort in making your business successful. Below are some restaurant marketing ideas to take your business to the next level.


Take loyalty seriously

You will be able to retain your most profitable customers by taking customer loyalty seriously. Make sure to offer customers the ability to earn rewards for visiting your restaurant. You can think of a 5-10 percent discount to regular customers. You may also provide a loyalty card to customers who visit your restaurant every day.

Build a simple website

There are a lot of high-quality DIY websites. This enables you to build your own mobile friendly websites such as Squarespace and Wix. Write about your restaurant and your menus on the website. Make sure to look for a design or layout that is easy for customers to use.

Grow your customer review bank

Your reputation matters because this can make or break your business. The number of positive reviews becomes your restaurant"s integrity. Focus on getting positive reviews by planning delicious and healthy menus and consistently good customer service. Review sites such as Yelp, Urbanspoon and Zagat are the places where your customers express their likes and dislikes about your food, restaurant ambience, and customer service.


Create your restaurant’s social media pages

After you have successfully created a Facebook page and Twitter for your restaurant, make sure to focus on gathering more “Likes” and “Tweets". There are some social media management tools for you that will assist you in managing your social media presence namely Sprout Social, Hootsuite and Buffer.

Offer online reservations


You should consider signing up for an online reservation tool like OpenTable if you do not offer a way for your customers to book online. Online reservation tools give new and existing customers with a fast and convenient way to book reservations, modify these reservations and share their experiences that will eventually add more customers to your restaurant.

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Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips

Below are tips so that you can maximize the effectiveness of social media marketing. Social media has become one of the most important platforms and driving force in marketing today.


Always post unique and relevant content regularly

When your audience hears more from you, the more they will trust you. They always wait for your new posts because they can see your sincerity when writing regularly about your products and services. Always create contents that are interesting and fits with your brand. Do not curate too much of your social media content because your audience might have seen it already. Create engaging copy for your audience which can encourage conversations and interactions.

Share and retweet your posts and try also “smaller” social networks

It’s great to test out all social media networks so that you will know what platform your content is more viewed. Try Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. Be sure to respond on Twitter or Facebook when you have good answers to questions. Be genuine about your goal to help others. Limit your tweets to 100 characters because this provides extra characters for others to share your tweets when they want to add some comments or @tags. Try to master one social media platform at a time.


Be visible as possible

Follow some of your competitors and try to interact with their content as well. Try also to change the appearance of your logo and you may experiment with various colors and layouts that reflects who you are. This gives a good opportunity to split test and to know the best engagement.

Learn from your mistakes

Determine what works best and what doesn’t. Analyze your previous contents. Research about the use of #hashtags in all social media platforms. Do not just makeup hashtags as you published your posts. You should research what are the trending hashtags.

Use your email list to promote your social media content


This is being discussed with a different topic. When you have an email list already, you can check email marketing articles such as the “Tips for Writing an Effective Email Newsletter" article for you to succeed in your email-marketing.

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Email Marketing: Tips for Writing an Effective Email Newsletter

Writing a good copy is one of the most important factors for a campaign to succeed when it comes to email marketing. Below are simple tips to help you create a copy for your next email campaign to succeed.


Keep it simple and strong (K.I.S.S.)

Make sure that once subscribers open your email or click it through to your landing page, you have just seconds to get their attention. Never use difficult words, “market-speak,” or technical jargon because not all subscribers can understand them. Always write as if you were talking to a friend instead. Always remember to make your content powerful and captures readers’ interest.

Use more the pronoun “you”

Focus on your recipients and do not provide too much information about yourself or your company. Explain what they can get to your product and services.

Focus on talking about the benefits rather than the features

Educate your customers and prospects. Let them know how they can be benefited when using your products or services.

Use SEO keywords

Always make sure that your content is well written. An email-marketing copy can be “spammy” when you fit in too many keywords.


Must know and write for your market

You should know about the people on your email list. With this, you can tailor the email-marketing message to meet their needs. Always remember that content relevancy is one of the keys to succeed in email-marketing.

Focus on a single goal

Never clutter promotional emails and landing pages with various messages for subscribers.

You must put a sense of urgency in your copy

You must have deadlines for a sale or bonus gifts for the first 50 subscribers who will reply immediately. Putting a sense of urgency in your emails will help encourage subscribers to respond right away instead of letting your email sit in their inboxes with the goal of eventually getting to it.

Punctuate prudently

Make sure not to distract your subscribers or dilute your email marketing message by too much using some punctuation like exclamation points, capital letters, and emoticons.

Make sure to proofread and proofread again

This may seem too much but proofreading is always overlooked. Typo errors and inaccuracies in your copy can affect your credibility.

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