Email Marketing: Tips for Writing an Effective Email Newsletter

Writing a good copy is one of the most important factors for a campaign to succeed when it comes to email marketing. Below are simple tips to help you create a copy for your next email campaign to succeed.


Keep it simple and strong (K.I.S.S.)

Make sure that once subscribers open your email or click it through to your landing page, you have just seconds to get their attention. Never use difficult words, “market-speak,” or technical jargon because not all subscribers can understand them. Always write as if you were talking to a friend instead. Always remember to make your content powerful and captures readers’ interest.

Use more the pronoun “you”

Focus on your recipients and do not provide too much information about yourself or your company. Explain what they can get to your product and services.

Focus on talking about the benefits rather than the features

Educate your customers and prospects. Let them know how they can be benefited when using your products or services.

Use SEO keywords

Always make sure that your content is well written. An email-marketing copy can be “spammy” when you fit in too many keywords.


Must know and write for your market

You should know about the people on your email list. With this, you can tailor the email-marketing message to meet their needs. Always remember that content relevancy is one of the keys to succeed in email-marketing.

Focus on a single goal

Never clutter promotional emails and landing pages with various messages for subscribers.

You must put a sense of urgency in your copy

You must have deadlines for a sale or bonus gifts for the first 50 subscribers who will reply immediately. Putting a sense of urgency in your emails will help encourage subscribers to respond right away instead of letting your email sit in their inboxes with the goal of eventually getting to it.

Punctuate prudently

Make sure not to distract your subscribers or dilute your email marketing message by too much using some punctuation like exclamation points, capital letters, and emoticons.

Make sure to proofread and proofread again

This may seem too much but proofreading is always overlooked. Typo errors and inaccuracies in your copy can affect your credibility.

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