Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips

Below are tips so that you can maximize the effectiveness of social media marketing. Social media has become one of the most important platforms and driving force in marketing today.


Always post unique and relevant content regularly

When your audience hears more from you, the more they will trust you. They always wait for your new posts because they can see your sincerity when writing regularly about your products and services. Always create contents that are interesting and fits with your brand. Do not curate too much of your social media content because your audience might have seen it already. Create engaging copy for your audience which can encourage conversations and interactions.

Share and retweet your posts and try also “smaller” social networks

It’s great to test out all social media networks so that you will know what platform your content is more viewed. Try Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. Be sure to respond on Twitter or Facebook when you have good answers to questions. Be genuine about your goal to help others. Limit your tweets to 100 characters because this provides extra characters for others to share your tweets when they want to add some comments or @tags. Try to master one social media platform at a time.


Be visible as possible

Follow some of your competitors and try to interact with their content as well. Try also to change the appearance of your logo and you may experiment with various colors and layouts that reflects who you are. This gives a good opportunity to split test and to know the best engagement.

Learn from your mistakes

Determine what works best and what doesn’t. Analyze your previous contents. Research about the use of #hashtags in all social media platforms. Do not just makeup hashtags as you published your posts. You should research what are the trending hashtags.

Use your email list to promote your social media content


This is being discussed with a different topic. When you have an email list already, you can check email marketing articles such as the “Tips for Writing an Effective Email Newsletter” article for you to succeed in your email-marketing.

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