POWERFUL Instagram Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands


  1. Great content bro. Would like to connect with you to get a consultation for growing a clothing brand’s presence online.

  2. Bro thanks for uploading these videos. I gotta commend you on actually educating and showing us that YOU yourself have a brand. There was a rap coach that i would always take advice from but he never would post music or show us he actually walks the walk. You walk the walk AND are generous enough to show me and all of us how you do it. Thanks again! – stay blessed

  3. really cool how you are doing exactly what you said to do in the video, engage with your audience! I read through the comments and you replied to like almost everybody lol. Perfect example. Also it would be awesome if you could check out my clothing brand, the instagram is @bluestripclothing , great video thank you!!

  4. Hey I’m a 15 year old from Erie, PA. I have a clothing brand I created a few months ago, Royal Empire Co. Thanks for the tips! Very helpful.
    Check me out
    Instagram – @royalempireco
    Facebook – Royal Empire Co.
    Twitter – @royalempireco

  5. Thanks for the tips on how to grow as a business and me and my brother just started a clothing line called Creative Weirdos I would like if you could check it out and tell me what you think and the Instagram for it is _creativeweirdos

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