The Top Trending Social Media Marketing Of 2016

1. High-quality original content.

Social media has been very busy and the number of users worldwide is increasing. Users are starting to choose good content and they are becoming smarter in selecting quality contents. Quality is more important than quantity and this has been a fact and tested to be effective. Make sure to create an original and useful content at all times.

original content

2. Platform dynamics has started to shift.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have changed and diversified their niches. On the other hand, Instagram and Snapchat are new players but each has a particular niche role. Facebook has been continuously updating their platform dynamics according to user preference and actions. This greatly affects the increasing number of new users on Facebook.

social media

3. Live streaming is becoming more popular.

Video content has become a more accessible medium. Live streaming video has become very popular especially with the release of Facebook Live. Users are able to use the live streaming in any events they are currently engaged with. This is also a good tool for business because you can conduct a live video for your product launch or any promos of your business.

facebook live

4. New applications are developed for a better social interaction.

Facebook has started to launch communication channels such as Messenger for Business, as a kind of customer service partner of the platform. Social media platforms are developing new applications to have brands and consumers communicate with each other in different ways.

social media app

These trends have been a usual practice this year with social media platforms. These are the shapers of the social media marketing today.

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