7 Online Marketing Ideas for 2013 – Bob DeStefano


  1. Thanks for the video Bob! Found the video on LinkedIn! A crisp and clear
    message. Content is indeed the way to go! Awaiting more from you!

  2. Hey Bob, this is my first time meeting you and I must say you come off very
    well. I found this video to be engaging and pleasant to watch. I may be a
    little late on the taking, but I’m just now starting to find ways to make
    the content I create more mobile friendly. Since I don’t have the budget to
    spend on services that convert my content for me, I heavily rely on
    “platforms” that have gone mobile to do the work for me. I’m working on a
    desktop PC and probably will continue to for editing…

  3. …and producing purposes. I love working with video and have been since
    2008. I love it so much, I turned it into a service to market to clients.
    Other than that, I enjoy vlogging on a regular basis to keep in touch with
    everyone I know. I’m a bit of a tech geek when it comes to file conversions
    and creating content that facilitates different devices. Thank you for
    sharing your ideas with me. You have a great day! ­čÖé

  4. You’re about the only guy around talking this language that seems to be
    honest. 7 thumbs up on your seven strategies!!!!!!´╗┐

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  7. I am very much indebted as you have extended your great knowledge through
    this video. These 7 Online Marketing Ideas are very valuable and this will
    contribute a huge help for every people who get indulged in an Online
    Businesses. Thank You So Much!´╗┐

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