Custom Newspaper Farm Marketing – Best Agent Business – Creative Ideas


  1. I love this idea! Great ideas to make it read as well – who can turn away a
    story about a child or from a child??!!

  2. Think big, what a creative tip. Love the idea on how to get writers,
    vendor advertising and reaching out to community for non profit

  3. I think we need to be doing much more marketing of the Farm Newspaper idea
    with clients. It makes a lot of sense and it will also position them as a
    the local real estate expert.

  4. Love the idea of gathering advertising for other small businesses to not
    only reap the rewards, but share the cost also!

  5. Wish you would of went into this a little more – very vague – but, I get
    the jest of it – I would of loved to have heard how to approach the schools
    , your SOI, etc..

  6. What a idea to use other sources to get articles, as well as using a lot of
    articles about kids. I know that would get my attention!

  7. Wow Steve, you’re spot-on for the 3 most important things in people’s
    lives. I would definitely read more real estate newsletters if there were
    additional articles relevant to my family life, not just real-estate

  8. Wow that is some amazing number differences! How could you not want to use
    Best Agent Business to leverage your business!?

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