Door Hanger Tutorial – Direct Marketing Ideas Lawn & Landscape Flyers


  1. I like them, the customer can see exactly who and what they are getting,
    its not like some huge company that sends some random drones out to the
    customer lol

  2. A friend of mine sells campers and a good chunk of how he sells something
    is the story that goes along with it.

  3. They look awesome. Especially compared to the many I’ve seen, cheap, dull,
    and just flat out boring lookin flyers. Having your pic on your flyer is
    great. The home owner can put a face with the brand workout ever meeting
    you. Thanks for the referrals as far as websites for marketing purposes.
    Very helpful. 

  4. Keith,
    I was in marketing a number of years for a major manufacturing company. I
    really like what I’ve seen for your media beta test. The only thing I see
    that I would disagree with is the sentence that says that ” …I am booking
    up fast..” in my opinion it detracts from the professionalism of the piece.
    Technically one would not know that they were “booking up fast (or not)
    since the door hangers are produced in bulk and success rates can’t be
    measured prior to actual distribution and capture of response data. I would
    rather see something that emphasizes taking advantage of a limited time
    offer that instills a sense of urgency.
    It lends to the credibility of your offer verses insults the intelligence
    of your customer because we’ve all heard a company salesman tell us they
    were “booking up fast” when in reality that just may not be true and just a
    sales tactic.
    Also, why not use some of your space instead of generic pics to highlight
    before and after pics of your work? Use Some trees and bushes that are
    common in your service area.
    People as you know get so used to seeing gradual or incremental change that
    they don’t get the paradigm shift until you shock them with what your
    “transformational services” can do for them.
    Those hangers look very professional!
    Thanks as always for your time and expertise!


  5. What ever you do to get peoples eyes on your services is a gain ,on clients
    and money in the bank as well .You got a great channel keep it up 👍. Hello
    from Puerto Rico.

  6. I got my business cards done through GotPrint dot com. I can’t remember
    exactly how much, but I know they were very cheap (south of $20) for 14pt
    cards x1,000. Their door hangers are cheap too. I just worked some up at
    $95 for 1,000 , also 14pt card stock. I’ve noticed a “movie theater
    popcorn” phenomenon when it comes to marketing materials. You’ll see “500
    post cards for $25!!!” and you’ll click on it. Then it’ll say “but for just
    $30, you can upgrade and get 1,000 cards!” Well, what’s 5 bucks anyway? So
    again, you click. By the time you finally submit your order, you find
    yourself wondering where that pallet of postcards is gonna go.

  7. If a door hanger was hung on my door, seeing the face of the company would
    be much more comforting than not. It gives off friendly feeling, know what
    I mean? People know what to expect when you come do the work, I think it’s
    a great idea.

  8. Dude have you heard of street bidder? It’s an amazing personalised flyer
    for each house and is used in direct mail marketing. We don’t have it here
    in the UK but the concept is unique, you go out like you would hanging
    flyers you take a photo of the front of a house and the address (all within
    the App) then you make up the flyer and get it posted to that persons
    address and hey your flyer is different than any other flyer and you will
    immediately have their attention because they are looking at a photo of
    their own home.
    Very personal marketing
    And it’s like a collection that once you got the photo and address you
    don’t need to go out and get it again to send it to the customer but you
    can change your flyer content according to the service you want to offer.
    Once you have collected enough areas you can pick individual streets or zip
    code areas that you want to target.

  9. Looks great, funds well invested. Definitely, it will do well. When I was a
    kid we hung these in the summer for local businesses. 

  10. Keith … Amazing, These are the video you are best at and should label
    training videos, cut to the chase knowledge. Would like to know how well
    these did after time but instead i will take this knowledge and will apply
    it to my hangers as this seems like a much cooler idea!

  11. Not to be picky or anything but “An ellipsis (plural: ellipses) is a
    punctuation mark consisting of three dots. Use an ellipsis when omitting a
    word, phrase, line, paragraph, or more from a quoted passage”. Try not to
    use them like a teenage girl would on Facebook like its denoting a dramatic
    pause. This is not what they are meant for and far too many people do it
    these days. They are to denote that something is missing. Apart from that
    the leaflet looks great.

  12. I thought your photo look fine, till you mentioned your wife thought you
    looked like a creeper… She was correct I promptly unsubscribed haha

  13. I can’t thank you enough for the information. I’m a disabled veteran and
    I’m building my own window cleaning business. So far I’m on my 3rd year.
    Your experiences have been very influential. You are very honest and
    upfront. Your not afraid to tell us your mistakes in order to save us the
    pain. I thank you for that. I wish you only the best for you, your family,
    and your business. Keep it up!

  14. We don’t get these door hangers in the UK. Well never had one hung on my
    door. Going to see if I can get some printed and use them in my area! Will
    get people’s attention as they wont have seen one before.Dont know about
    putting my face on it though. Don’t want to scare the customer off before
    they have even rang me!!

  15. Did they work good we did lots of door hangers when we started I personally
    put out 30000 In one summer I used to do 500 at a time and I figured the
    average was I would get one call maybe two out of 500 door hangers I never
    used door hangers as nice as the ones you show I just because I figured
    most of them get thrown in the garbage anyways

  16. there’s a burger King here in Denver and Everytime we drive by the place is
    just terrible looking too much over growth needs pruning I pull in there
    and go talk to the owner my co workers like your crazy no iam motivated I
    talk to the owner we exchange numbers I tell him when I get done with this
    place you will be amazed iam just waiting for the go ahead from him iam
    super happy and thank you for lighting that fire under my ass lol

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