Facebook Marketing – How to Leverage Facebook to Grow your Business


  1. Simply go to Youtube and type Social Lead Freak in the browser. The most
    fantastic tool I have seen for building yo ur Facebook audience in no time
    and 100% free to use.

  2. Hi +Douglas Lim have you utilized the new partner categories and facebook
    website retargeting when growing your community? 

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  4. Oh hai! Have you tried – Banyan Amazing Viral Genie (google it)? Ive heard
    some awesome things about it and my buddy got great results with it. 

  5. Straight and to the point. I like it Doug. Hey, check out my page! I am
    new, but would love to do a collaboration video with you! Let me know :]

  6. Hi Douglas, thanks for your video. Some questions for you…1) when people
    like my business page, is there anything I can/should do to follow-up with
    them? I checked but I don’t seem to be able to post on their wall.
    2) When I post about my business on another entity’s wall (for example
    another business in my industry whose fans are in my target market), should
    I do so with pics and/or videos instead of just text? Is there an advantage
    to including photos or videos like perhaps will the post get more exposure?
    I’d so appreciate your insights. Also, if you have more advice for free
    business marketing on Facebook, I’d love to hear it. 3) Or additional
    resources you recommend? Thank you again! 

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