Fitness Marketing 101 (how to get more training clients)


  1. Simply said Bedros as usual. Good stuff to be reminded of… 80% from the
    internet that is a big number you can’t under estimate that power! Thanks.

  2. Hey Bedros, I’m a new subscriber and love the channel! I just received my
    certification and am excited to start my career in the fitness industry.
    Keep the great info coming, it’s much appreciated!

  3. I would say 95% of my clients come from Facebook. The other 5% from
    Groupon, Google and YouTube. I run both online and offline marketing. I
    look at offline marketing as a way to just let people know you exist.
    Almost never receive leads but people Alesha day yes I’ve heard of Thorn
    Fitness Personal Training. So this system works. Miss I need that squeeze
    page with a good program 

  4. Me gusto el video, excelente aportación. Pasen por mi canal para saber mas
    acerca de como generar un buen ingreso mensual.

  5. AMAZING VIDEO Bedros! thanks so very much for posting! so if i understand
    correctly, this is for someone who has a facility… how do you market
    online if you have a product? 

  6. Hi Bedros,
    Currently stuck on a business/service design module at uni, which we have
    opted to market a fitness service aimed at women in their 30s-50s. The
    concept is a local service aimed at the unfit and those feeling too
    ‘intimidated’ or otherwise to attend gym classes, and the idea is ‘fitness
    through being “big kids”‘ – sports day activities, novelty sports, dances,
    and the like. Social exercise so to speak.
    We’re stuck on the marketing of this service as we worry too many people
    within our target market will be ‘offline customers’ – and wondered if in
    your experience this is the case with those 40+ or have we vastly
    underestimated the power of digital/viral marketing to people within this
    age group?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Many thanks,
    Sam Brookes

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