Personal Trainer Marketing


  1. Great information, very clearly explained. Thanks Bedros. Note that the
    link in the text below the video is currently broken.

  2. Thanks, just fixed the link for this personal trainer marketing video so
    the link above should go to the right page on my blog now.

  3. Niche market? Let me see, if I follow your model my man I would really
    limit my earning potential. You have to be adaptable to all markets from
    prenatal to sport performance if you want to make cash as and become
    successful trainer…guru, sideline any competition. 

  4. In building a Marketing Business, the most important thing to do is to know
    how to value your network and how it will deal with people. Probably, many
    marketers wants to ensure that they will have a credible results in doing
    their business. These ideas could somehow help to ponder such crucial

  5. The info is simple and to the point . I’m a beginner in the business and
    the advise is very helpful.

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