Proven Chiropractic Marketing Ideas | This Chiropractor Marketing Will DOMINATE Your Competition!


  1. Definitely claim Google Places, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo Local, CitySearch, Manta,
    and YellowPages. Here’s another cool thing to do. Type in the business name
    of your #1 competiion and go back one or two pages… You’ll see the exact
    local directories that company is using. Sign up on all of them!

  2. Great ebook. Still a little confused about some of the marketing stuff. Any
    chance I can call you and ask you a few questions?

  3. Keep it short, simple, and to the point. Your name, your company name,
    where you do business, what type of services you offer, your telephone
    number, and website address. Make sure to add your city in the title and
    description of the video. Hope that helps!

  4. I always wondered how my competitors made it to the first page of Google…
    So you’re saying this free info you’re offering can help do that?

  5. Absolutely, but you need to have a realistic time frame. Websites don’t
    just magically “pop” onto the first page. But if you own a local
    chiropractic business and follow the instructions, in a few months you’ll
    see some MAJOR results.

  6. Thanks for posting this Phil. I’ve been trying really hard to understand
    all this online chiropractic marketing stuff lately, and I’ve been REALLY

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