Restaurant Marketing Ideas: Flood Your Restaurant on Mon/Tue/Wed


  1. Great concept initially with e-mail…today it also applies to SMS text
    messaging with even greater open and response rate; combine the two with a
    dash of social media and BOOM!…come visit us.

  2. I just joined constant contact and highly recommend their service. Only $16
    a month and you can input your contacts and send out from the different
    templates they have. I also just set up text to join which I will be
    printing out table flyers so hopefully customers join 🙂

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  4. Great info in this video. Now try this – combine your promotion with a
    facebook promo that includes an instagram/twitter photo contest where your
    patrons take a photo right from your restaurant band event – they’ll share
    it on their wall and their friends will wish they were there. Strategies
    like this and the awesome strategies in the this video work great. I’ve got
    a great QR code strategy too with a recruiter feature so your patrons are
    actually motivated to recruit people to ur restaurant.

  5. Your idea is to email people, then reward them for providing an email
    address… Say what now? It’s illegal to spam, and you described the guys’
    already established list, so could you explain to me how this makes sense?
    Pretty daft.

  6. For restaurants getting customers’ attention is a must. Call it as a coupon
    or just today’s special – the word must be sent out in an easy and catchy

  7. you are dead on. By the way I use youtube to bring traffic to my site since
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