Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread


  1. *Seth Godin* explains that it’s not the best idea but the idea that has the
    ability to spread that will most likely succeed. Even sliced bread –
    arguably the best thing since itself – didn’t catch on until Wonder took
    the idea and spread it. Take 18 minutes for some self improvement. Even
    *your* boss can’t argue with that. *#SethGodin*

  2. And this was from 2007 (it’s now 2014). Everyone’s face these days is
    pointed towards their phone, so if relevant still, how does one get a
    purple cow onto a viewer’s phone? It’s not just the idea but the medium. 

  3. Yet another brilliant video presentation by THE Seth Godin! We should all
    dare to think differently and be bold enough to share our unique ideas. 

  4. Hey… I’ve been trying to get my ideas out for a while now… keep in mind
    that I am only 14… but I have gotten nothing so far. It’s really awesome!
    I have spent about seven or eight years on this and it could change the
    world! But no… I’m just a little girl… a loser at school… a fatty…
    a no one… a little girl who wanted to kill herself so many times that she
    forgot… I don’t know about this anymore… if some one sees this
    message… then try to get a good message in your head.

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