Six Creative Ways To Brainstorm Ideas


  1. Three good things about this video

    It was short but had a lot of information

    It was very helpful

    It was inspiring to me considering I have an amazing talent in art

  2. Thank you, that was an amazing video especially the design
    can you please tell me the name the software you used ^^

  3. This is literally the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard. These idea
    strategies sound like they came from a failed psychologist. If you need
    this to come up with ideas or ways to think, you’re going nowhere in life.

  4. Cool video! I myself am currently having trouble coming up with ideas for
    my book series ZEON. I don’t know why I’m having so many road blocks,
    probably because I’m trying to think of a well developed plot. If anyone is
    reading this comment, please let me know the best way to come up with ideas
    for my series besides this video!


  5. When I see the video I was thinking it was going to be a cool presentation
    but it was boring the voice :S

  6. I tried out the frist one and got an instant solution for my problem wtf
    that was amazing thank you :)

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