Small Business Marketing 101: Creating a Marketing Plan


  1. Superior Knowledge, Thanks

    I was moving in life very cluelessly and achieving no goals and my family
    was unhappy with me.

    One of my friend introduced me to the concept of SWOT and after then , life
    has changed for me a lot.

    I am using mobile app called “mySWOT” to utilize my Strenghts, overcome
    Weakness, seize Opportunities and avoid Threats

  2. Great info on the basics of marketing for starting a small businesses. Good
    source of info if you’re planning to start your own business soon. I would
    have to say that Small Marketing tip # 4 is the best because what is the
    point of sending messages to customers if they will only be ignored? Thanks
    for uploading this!

  3. This video should be cut down into small videos. Most small business won’t
    spend almost 30 minutes looking at a video.

  4. I am not native English speaker and I couldn’t help but asking about the
    presenter’s accent..because she has exactly the same accent, intonation and
    even the same voice with Beth Behrs from 2 Broke Girls 🙂 could someone
    explain to me how could this possible. btw according to wikipeda Beth Behrs
    was raised in Virginia and thanks for video

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