Top 10 Marketing Failures: Coke, Ford, Netflix


  1. the New Coke could’ve worked if they kept Classic, and changed the name of
    New Coke. it would be like: Coke Classic and Coke X-Treme or some gimmicky
    name for the new recipe. still, they could’ve done both.

  2. Unfair assessment of the Edsel. Yes, it was the wrong car at the wrong time
    but as far as being “butt ugly” compared to the styleless, completely
    personality-devoid blobs on the road today, the Edsel is a raving beauty!

  3. The skittles one is fantastic. It’s imaginative, visually interesting and
    has that touch of dark humor. Perfect.

  4. Hehe… Some #fail s to learn from.
    – New Coke was the result of classic Coke continually loosing to Pepsi in
    blind taste-tests. The problem is, those only use a small amount. So while
    Pepsi might win with the first few sips, Coke is more enjoyable while
    drinking the whole can (or 44-ounce barrel).
    – Mormon actor, +Kirby Heyborne appears in the Snickers commercial, as the
    “effeminate” (presumably gay) speedwalker, persecuted by Mr T for not being
    manly enough.
    – When using the “King Midas” theme, never, EVER, make people think about
    what happens when the cursed person touches babies.

  5. Actually, “New Coke” was completely planned. By the time Coca Cola released
    New Coke, Pepsi had gained quite a bit of stock from Coke, taking away
    their monopoly. To regain customers, Coke “changed” the recipe, to make
    people against it. Once they “return” to their original recipe, people
    flock to it. It’s classic psychology. When you have it, you don’t want it
    anymore. When you don’t have it, you need it. Coke managed to gain huge
    capital from this plan. Call me crazy but to think Coke would just change
    the recipe for the hell of it is crazier. A multi-billion dollar company is
    not going to waste time and money for nothing.

  6. Gay rights people getting offended by the Snikers ad is stupid.
    At no point do they state the sexuaity of the runner, he could be straight
    for all we know.
    The ad was just making fun of men that run like girls…not their sexuality.
    Seriously, these gay rights people need to get some nuts

    The “Ayds” ad does not even count as a “marketing failure” as the product
    and ad existed before the AIDS virus was discovered and known about. They
    are not connected at all.
    Also, you just know Matt & Trey of South Park saw that ad…they based an
    entire episode on it.

    The Skittles one was a parody of the King Midas story…which is meant to
    be depressing. I fail to see how this is a “failure” when they achieved
    what they set out to do.

  7. People protesting to get the flavor of old coke back!? :S Seriously? It’s
    good to do something rather than just sit back and complain but I’m
    surprised at people protesting to get something super unhealthy.

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