Importance Of Local SEO For Small Business Marketing

Local SEO for small businesses is a must-have marketing tool to position a website in a city and surrounding areas. Using your geographical area as a reference is essential to capture the attention of people who may be or become potential customers. Google and other search engine companies, for example, Bing and Yahoo do not offer the same results in all regions but attempt to tailor their searches to the user to provide better service. A positioning technique at geographical level is often referred to as local.

The local SEO has experienced exponential growth in recent times. More, if possible, since smartphones became a benchmark of web traffic.

Although the techniques of territorial positioning follow the basic rules of global positioning, businesses that want to stand out in a geographic area provincial or regional should follow some more specific advice. In fact, you better not ever skip any of the important points mentioned by your local SEO expert.

Smartphone searches favors local businesses

As mentioned earlier, the growth of smartphone played a crucial role in the importance of local SEO. Mobile phones are easier to use than personal computers, so people have more time using their phones than facing their desktops or laptops. Another obvious advantage of the mobile phone is users always bring those devices with them. So, if a couple wants to eat Asian food, they will just search on their smartphone for Asian restaurants around them. You may have also noticed that Google gives results of Asian restaurants around the user even without indicating the location.

Search engines strive to provide the exact location of the place that offers the services you need at that moment. They even provide direction on how to go about a certain business. The mobile version provides the additional option of direct a call access, directions, and website. Assistance from your local SEO expert will help you take advantage of these features.

According to the latest study regarding Google users from a smartphone, 95% of users perform local searches. Of those who request information from a business, 88% end up buying less than 24 hours.

Need more reasons to highlight local search engine optimization?

Google has been improving local search engine results in smartphones. The company’s smartphone intelligent personal assistant called Google Now will base on your location to give you different information. It will provide you with updated local data like weather, traffic, entertainment, etc. and one of those cards are nearby. They usually appear in order of proximity, ratings, and other aspects.

It may seem that Google search engine results favor local companies, it has something to do with improving user’s experience. Most users will be more happy with a result showing a local shoe shop than to show a popular nationwide show store.

Google also provided free tools that will otherwise cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Such tools help small business improve their visibility online and compete with bigger business. Such tools include Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc. These tools will make search engine optimization easier than before. With the current trend, it will no longer be a surprise if Google’s next algorithm will focus more on local search results.

Competition will get tougher

With these data available to all new and experienced entrepreneurs, add to that, SEO tools are more accessible and affordable, more local businesses will jump into the trend. With the increased competition, it will be more difficult than before to improve your ranking if you haven’t started optimizing your website. Millions of new websites come out every year. It just proves that more businesses decided to bring their business online since they have realized that consumers are there. Gone are the days that all you have to do is register your business in your local phone directory and wait for people who need your service call you. The internet is now the new telephone directory of old and one of the best marketing tool. If your business is not there, you will be left out.

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