Fitness Center Business Plan – 5 Keys to Fitness Center Marketing


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  2. I’m aiming to become a certified personal trainer in a few years and trying
    to get experience with training people that come to me now. I’m trying to
    run my own gym when I’m finished with college and get the money to do so.
    With the gym, I’m going to work with others to include programs such as
    Boxing, Boot Camp classes, Yoga, Muay Thai, etc. The personal training will
    help to pay the bills(gas and electric, water, etc.). I’ll start off small
    then grow with time. That’s not all I have planned

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  5. There’s nothing wrong with having multiple niche markets. Just make sure
    that you market to each of them in the way that resonate with them the

  6. Great stuff Bedros. In the heart of NYC with a private coaching facility.
    Just started using EFT’s for contract memberships and it works great. 

  7. Great tips! I particularly like your point on what to charge. Setting
    yourself a part from the others seems to be the way to go!

  8. Common sense and priceless information. It’s all about taking action after
    you watch something like this and staying consistent 

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